Maria Arena’s documentary “Jesus died for somebody’s sins” (“Gesù è morto per i peccati degli altri”) has been broadcasted on the Italian free tv channel Cielo Tv at 11 PM on June 25th 2016 with impressive ratings.

The tv premiere reached 1,72% share with an average audience of 202.000 viewers  and peaks of 400.000 viewers. 

The distribution of the film is handled by Berta Film, in partnership with Echivisivi Produzioni, Toscana Film Network’s member.

Jesus died for somebody’s sins, premiered by Festival dei Popoli, it’s available for selected territories for tv licenses outside of Italy.

In Catania, San Berillo is the neighborhood of whores, where a handful of narrow run-down streets in the heart of the city that have been neglected for over fifty years are today disputed over by conflicting interests.

Franchina, Meri, Alessia, Marcella, Santo, Totino, and Wonder are transgenders that have prostituted themselves in San Berillo neighborhood for decades, but now they risk finding themselves without a roof under which to work and ending up under an overpass along the Catania-Gela highway, instead.

“Jesus died for somebody’s sins” tells, by way of candid conversation on those narrow streets, their daily and spiritual life in and out of the neighborhood.