Toscana Film Network establishes in 2015, when some of the Cinema and Audiovisual companies based in Tuscany joint together to meet and discuss. The focus was analyzing the potentiality and the professionalism in our Area, understanding how to improve the culture production’s infrastructure of Tuscany Region, and how to be competitive both on domestic and international markets.

Toscana Film Network’s goal is to create a networking environment, ready to connect all the elements of the Tuscan audiovisual production’s chain (production, service, post-production-distribution), aiming to bring back to our Region a leading role in the market, thanks to our past and contemporary artists, authors, directors and producers.

Within only one year, Toscana Film Network grew from 9 funders to more than 30 members, with around 100 professionals involved in the development of the Network.

On March 24th 2017 Toscana Film Network closed an agreement with CNA Toscana (Confederation of Crafts and Small and Medium Enterprises - SME), starting up CNA Cinema e Audiovisivo Toscana.

The partnership with CNA is an important milestone, amplifying and enlarging the Network both locally and nationally.


Portavoce: Emanuele Nespeca

Coordinatore: Stefano Mutolo

Referente CNA Toscana: Chiara Nencioni


Board of directors

Stefano Mutolo Firenze
Emanuele Nespeca Prato
Michele Saragoni Lucca
Samuele Rossi Pistoia
Valentina Quarantini Firenze
Sergio Piane Firenze
Emiliano Galligani/Paolo De Angelis Lucca